About Us

Grassroots for Europe consists of, supports, and represents pro-European groups from across the UK, as well as some groups representing UK citizens in Europe. We give a national voice to the local groups.

One of the greatest strengths of our movement is the UK-wide network of independent, local grassroots groups, campaigning in the areas they know best. These groups are run by dedicated teams of activists whose aim is to ensure there is a continued and growing pro-EU voice in this country.

Politicians on all sides refuse to acknowledge the severe damage that leaving the EU has had on the wellbeing of our nation. Our job is help build a groundswell of public opinion in favour of rejoining the EU, so large that it can no longer be ignored by Westminster.

We believe the UK’s place is in the heart of Europe, maintaining peace, the rule of law, freedom of movement, human rights, democracy, and equality.