Your donation really matters. It allows us to fund our ongoing operating costs like website hosting, database costs, communication subscription costs, as well as one off events such as conferences and talks. When finances allow we also help local groups affiliated to us with grants for specific campaign activities.

Grassroots for Europe is run by a team of dedicated volunteers; nobody is paid for the time commitment and effort they put into this campaign.

Please donate whatever you can, however large or small. If you are able, a regular repeat donation really helps us with our ongoing operating expenses.

We use Stripe and PayPal for payment processing. Stripe has lower payment processing fees (so we get more value from your donation). PayPal allows for regular repeat donations.

Your donation will remain anonymous, unless you ask for it to be publicised.

Can I help in others ways?

If you can’t afford to donate, how about helping us in other ways? We, or the local pro-EU group in our area, are always looking for volunteers to help in various activities and campaigns, please get in touch. 

Grassroots for Europe Funding

Grassroots for Europe is funded solely from donations by members of the public, through this website, social media channels and email campaigns. We may also ask for voluntary donations when you book for our regular speaker events.