Grassroots for Europe exists to campaign for the UK to return to its rightful place at the heart of Europe, by coordinating and supporting the work of grassroots pro-EU campaign groups. Our webinars, which are held online over Zoom, are open and free to attend (though donations to support our work are welcome). The aim is to provide campaigners with information that will enhance their campaigning activities.

Some webinars develop topics that have previously been addressed at the Grassroots Round Table (a series of meetings with colleagues representing other pro-EU and allied organizations and invited speakers – session details and reports can be found HERE). Other webinars address topics that have been identified as important and topical by the organizers. In both cases, we aim to attract the best-informed speakers.

The webinars are video-recorded, and links to those videos appear here. In addition, some webinars result in the production of resources for campaigners, and some have been summarized in articles published in regional Bylines titles. Where this happens, links are listed alongside the link to the video recording.

“What Went Wrong with Brexit?

September 13th 2023

Peter Foster in conversation with Alex Hall Hall.

Peter Foster is the Public Policy editor of the Financial Times. In his previous role as Europe Editor of the Daily Telegraph he chronicled the minutiae of Brexit negotiations and implementation. His new book, What Went Wrong with Brexit (and what we can do about it) analyses in meticulous and forensic detail the economic, political and cultural consequences of Brexit, and presents a menu of actions that could be taken in mitigation. In this webinar, held a week after publication in September 2023, he discussed the book with Alex Hall Hall, the senior British diplomat who famously resigned her position as Brexit Counsellor in the UK Washington embassy, saying she could no longer “peddle half-truths” about Brexit.

This webinar follows on from a Round Table discussion on July 13th 2023, “Labour and Brexit – time for change?”

Recorded on 13/09/2023

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Brexit in the Celtic Fringe

April 26th 2023

Chair: Alex Hall Hall: former British Diplomat

David Clarke: Chair, European Movement in Scotland

Jackie Jones: Chair, Wales for Europe

Jane Morrice: Honorary President, European Movement NI

Like much of UK politics, pro-EU campaigning tends to be London- and England-centric. The aim of this webinar was to share information about the state of the pro-EU campaign in Wales, Scotland and NI, and to explore the issues that are different in the devolved nations from those in England. The webinar included presentations from the leaders of the pro-EU campaign in the devolved nations: David Clarke (Scotland), Jackie Jones (Wales), and Jane Morrice (Northern Ireland).

Brexit Polling: Beyond the Numbers.

February 15th 2023

Richard Bentall

Peter Kellner

Flo Hutchings

The Art of Persuasion: a Training Event

January 17th 2023

A joint Grassroots for Europe / European Movement event

[re-run of an event first help in October 2022; facilitated by Ella Barrett and Richard Kilpatrick]

The Art of Persuasion: Part 2 (Training Event)

October 27th 2022

A joint Grassroots for Europe / European Movement event

Facilitated by Ella Barrett and Richard Kilpatrick

The Art of Persuasion.

September 29th 2022

Ella Barrett (The Leadership Lab, Los Angeles): Deep Canvassing: An Introduction

Josh Kalla (Yale University): Deep Canvassing: The Evidence

Richard Kilpatrick (European Movement): Deep Canvassing: The UK Experience

Paul Willner speaks at the end of the video to outline future plans (and briefly during the discussion)
A political argument can be a deeply frustrating experience. Despite our superior knowledge and mastery of the relevant facts and figures, the other person simply can’t be persuaded to agree. Could there be a better way? In fact the consensus of research is that conventional political canvassing has almost no effect to change people’s minds. But the evidence does support the efficacy of a novel method “deep canvassing”, which is based on non-confrontational empathic listening. In this webinar we heard from Ella Barrett, the co-inventor of deep canvassing, who joined us from Los Angeles, Josh Kalla, a Harvard professor who has extensively evaluated the technique, and Richard Kilpatrick, one of very few campaigners who has used deep canvassing in the UK. The webinars were followed by two experiential training session, which sadly were not recorded. But for those interested to know more, a report of the webinar in Yorkshire Bylines includes links to further reading.

Telling a new story about Europe

April 20th 2022

Insights from psychology. Prof Richard Bentall, Nick Crosby. Chair: Jane Thomas.