Talking Wall

At our Where Now For Remain? conference on 25/01/2020 we had a ‘Talking Wall’ where people could put their comments and thoughts throughout the day. Here is a collection of thoughts and information from the ‘Talking Wall’.

How Are You Feeling?

Desperate & very angry.

Sad about what we are losing: I FEEL EUROPEAN!

Angry at Corbyn.  He could have been more flexible, allowed a government of national unity to be formed & stopped this!

Ashamed to be British.  I am European, will always be.

Despairing, but while we stay together there is hope.

I want to leave England -> maybe Scotland?

Betrayed. Rejected by country I considered my adoptive home.

Optimistic that local groups will continue to operate and influence. Pleased to be standing together with like-minded people.


Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

From the day after the referendum result, I absolutely longed for a single strong political voice to lead the remain campaign. Instead, the left did what it always does, worldwide, splits and quibbles. I was so disappointed.

Angry. Defiant. Hopeful. Sad. Everything.

Currently applying for a job in Sweden. Need to get away from this rogue state.

Still waiting for someone to tell me a benefit about losing my EU citizenship.

Sad, but I know that I have done what I could and will continue to do so, to make a better UK for those of us who live here and abroad.

Glass half full. On the up.

Angry. I’m losing my rights. EU citizens are being subjected to retrospective legislation.

I never thought it would come to this – devastated.

It is not only about our links with Europe, but it has opened the floodgates for devastation of health, education & social care.  I AM ASHAMED TO BE BRITISH!

Anxious about the future! Does a no-deal Brexit loom at the end of the year?

Angry at tribalism with political parties fighting and not collaborating.

Desperate to flee to move my young children away from such a toxic environment. But! Determined to stay & fight for disabled mother & single parent, nurse, sister.

What’s Important To You?

To stand together and don’t lose focus on what we are fighting for.

We musn’t lose our passion or fall into defeatism.

Protect EU citizens, Brits in Europe, the vulnerable whether medical or through poverty.

Relationships – in local group/community/with regional groups/national cohesion/with European friends and allies.

There is a pressing need to focus on the wider issues, the rights of all UK and EU citizens who will be deprived of post-Brexit.

MEDIA:  The anti-EU campaign has had massive press support for 40 years without any effective opposition.  Very difficult to turn that around quickly.

I think there is a burning need for fair journalism/end to monopolies and fake news and this should be part of any campaign alongside a clear call for PR.

Ideas For Moving Forward

Move out of our echo chamber – find a way to listen to people we disagree with (leavers) with respect – learn something from their worries & beliefs.

Proportional Representation.

Hold politicians to account & keep doing so.

Research panel for our initiatives.

Let’s roll-out Citizens’ Assemblies across the UK to take back control to hold OUR parliamentarians to account & reform OUR political system that has proven itself unfit for purpose.

Citizens assemblies – brilliant idea! Westminster elections should be based on proportional representation as is the Scottish Parliament.

Training for grassroots volunteers.

3-word messages.

Use far right desire for PR.  Don’t brand it part of EU campaign but work with them to get STV.

Listen. Encourage others to do so too.

Someone (European Movement UK?) needs to be the one “voice for Europe” that always gets quoted in the press/on TV.  They’ll eventually want some balance back and we need to start by being the ‘voice in the wilderness’ before we get to ‘voice of the people’.

We lost the battle – let’s regroup to win the war.