Round Table Vision

Round Table Vision Image

Our Vision

The Round Table is a non-aligned, shared, safe space for Pro-European organisations to meet, exchange views, facilitate collaboration and create mutually supportive opportunities to:

  • Continue to challenge and hold government to account on commitments and promises made.
  • Work with organisations that aim to highlight/campaign to change some of the social and economic causes and effects of Brexit.
  • Support EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in EU countries.
  • Continue to campaign for the closest possible ties to the EU with a longer-term objective of participating in European institutional life, plans and initiatives.”

“….We are all going in the same direction of travel… we need the vision statement to be flexible and enable organisations to climb the “mountain” in different ways, at different speeds and have diverse experiences.” (Direct quote from our Consultation Process in July 2021)


The Round Table aims to support a broad, pro-European ecosystem, where campaigning organisations and pro-Europeans can feel at home and work beneficially together:

  • To provide a space for campaigners to build the trust and the understanding we all need to sustain effective, coordinated approaches, whilst complementing and respecting the many other, more formal, structures that organisations individually adopt.
  • To continue to respect its collegiate and collaborative origins, it has introduced a rotating chair policy. From the outset, the team’s watchword has been “reducing duplication of effort”.
  • To support different initiatives where we can test processes for mutual reinforcement. For example, sharing and disseminating campaign visuals or hashtags for use across multiple co-related settings.

The Approach – How, When & Where?

The Round Table assembles “virtually” once a month. Chatham House Rule is applied. Participants are invited or can request participation. Summary Reports are prepared and circulated widely.

In an established series of Round Table meetings, over 20 campaign groups and individuals have come together to share their thinking and campaign initiatives. Our shared immediate priorities are to continue to campaign for the closest relationship with the EU, for respect of European values (of democracy, rule of law, respect of human rights, freedoms, solidarity etc) and to “hold Government to account” on commitments made at the 2016 Referendum. We just pursue these in our different ways.

Thanks to, we have a working tool (‘The Grid’) for sharing groups’ events and key national and international political milestones.

In addition, we are delighted that campaigns have already been able to reinforce others’ actions by mutual support and promotion, e.g. in a recent collaboration, the European Movement, Grassroots for Europe and all sent out mail shots in support of the different campaigns.