Road to Rejoin Meetings

Every Wednesday evening, the team at Grassroots for Europe are proud to host the official “Road To Rejoin” Meetings on Zoom. These meetings are free for anyone who wishes to attend.

Answering questions this week…

Peter Jukes
(Byline Times)


Mike Galsworthy
(Scientists for EU / March for Change)

With much of the old-style print media caught in a downward spiral of increasingly unhinged and unquestioning support for a government and a Prime Minister for whom the truth is an alien concept, how do we navigate ourselves to reliable and balanced analyses of the world around us?

How do journalists of integrity compete with those whose priority is securing clickbait and a cosy relationship for themselves with those in power, whom they are supposed to hold to account?

With social media taking an ever more significant and, potentially, damaging place in our national discussion, how do we fight back and make sure that the truth gets through to the people?

This is your chance to put your questions to Peter and Mike and find out how Byline Times and the regional Bylines network are attempting to subvert the power of the media giants and bring high quality citizen-led journalism to the largest possible audience.

Feel free to take part!

PLEASE NOTE: This Zoom meeting will be recorded.
Attendance will signify consent to being recorded by video, audio and in minutes.


(But the tickets are free YAY!)

To grab yourself a ticket head over to:

Wednesday, 31 March 2021
7.30pm – 9pm


Pro-EU groups from across the UK have appealed directly to the European Union to keep all options open on Brexit – including the possibility of Brexit being cancelled or reversed.  They have also called for the rights of British citizens as European citizens to be protected.

In November 2018, 121 grassroots campaigning groups signed an open letter to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, asking him not to do anything that would place obstacles in the way of a new referendum – and urging him to make provision for the possible revocation of Article 50.

In January 2019, this letter was followed up by a further letter – this time signed by 124 grassroots groups – to the Brexit Steering Group of the European Parliament, which is chaired by Guy Verhofstadt.  This second letter asked the European Parliament to commit to safeguarding the rights of all citizens of the EU throughout the Brexit process and to consult with UK citizens to ascertain whether they agree to the loss of such rights.  The letter also reminded the parliament of the UK’s right to unilaterally revoke Article 50, asking the parliament to send a positive signal confirming their willingness to welcome the UK’s revocation and to allow time for this to take place.

A third letter, in March 2019, highlighted the rapidly growing strength of pro-European sentiment in the UK and asked for the EU to be ready to grant an extension to the Article 50 deadline of sufficient length to enable a People’s Vote referendum to be held.

You can read and download all three letters, together with accompanying Press Releases, below.

Grassroots for Europe have sent a letter to President Biden and Vice-President Harris urging them to protect the Good Friday Agreement and make a stand for truth and justice against those who would jeopardise the peace in Northern Ireland that we have enjoyed for over 20 years. 

Grassroots for Europe have sent a second letter to Donald Tusk.  Signed by over 100 grassroots pro-EU groups, the letter draws attention to the growing strength the pro-European movement across the length and breadth of the UK.  It urges Mr Tusk to be ready to grant a long extension to the Article 50 process – of sufficient length to enable a People’s Vote referendum to be held. 
In the letter, we acknowledge that a long extension would mean the UK participating in European Parliamentary Elections.  We actually welcome this possibility.

The letter also makes the important point that the UK is currently in the frontline of the fight against the rise of far right extremism in Europe.  A victory for us against Brexit could mark the turning of the tide and embolden democratic forces across Europe who, like us, are fighting to drive the nationalists into irrelevance.

Letter to Members of the
European Parliament Brexit Steering Group – 8 January 2019

Letter to Donald Tusk,
President of the European Council​ – 24 November 2018