Campaign Asks, Comments & Updates – Round Table #19; 19 October 2021

The Young 3million – YEN: Webinar – Oct 26, 05:00 PM The Young Europeans Network – Elections Bill.

Our campaign is asking for residence-based voting rights i.e., that all residents with lawful residence in the UK have the right to vote in local elections in England and Northern Ireland, as is already the case in Scotland and Wales.

A Request We are looking to speak to The Lords! We have an amendment drafted and a briefing paper. We are keen on for them to support it practically when it reaches them. Please do make introductions if you are able to. Contact Details:

Shared Narrative Project – 4 Nations Event. November 2nd 6pm.

“Telling a new story about Europe: Connecting our stories across the UK: One message for all or one for each nation?”

• This event is co-sponsored by EM, Wales for Europe & EM in Scotland

Brexit has shaken the foundations of the United Kingdom. Constitutional issues are high on the agenda across the four nations. In the midst of all this, is there a story about a future relationship with the EU that could serve all the parts of the UK? Is a shared European narrative for the four nations of the United Kingdom possible, or have politics and public opinion shifted so much in the last five years that no single story can satisfy its parts? What impact might the prospect of changes in the constitutional arrangements of the UK have on our messaging about Europe? Could a pro-European narrative be constructed that appeals to all sides? And the most important questions for us: what does all this mean for those who believe in a closer relationship with Europe and the EU?

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European Movement – Action Day. 20th November “Brexit isn’t working”

• European Movement is organising an Action Day on Saturday 20 November. Local groups will be out on the street, talking to people and conducting a survey. The theme is “Brexit isn’t working” and there will be a focus on empty shelves, empty pumps, empty pockets.

For more information contact:

Best for Britain:

Elections Bill Campaigning Anyone who wants to get involved in publicising the campaign or campaign actions should keep an eye on our emails and this webpage:

• The MP lobbying tool will be updated with our latest understanding on amendments and progress as we go on and once the Bill is in the Lords new actions will be added.

Want to Participate in the Democracy Coalition? – Please get in touch with We can add them to the Slack Workspace to help us discuss and share intelligence and messaging ideas and help plan strategy.


Brexit Spotlight – We’re continually updating Brexit Spotlight, with analysis on the wide-ranging impacts of Brexit: Brexit Spotlight

Please write to Your MP Tool – Urging the government to take in more Afghan refugees: Refugees welcome – Another Europe is Possible

Pro Europa Brussels:

• We strongly recommend watching this video on how New Zealand changed from a duopoly to cleaner, better representative democracy. Lots of parallels with UK situation:


Rejoin Register – Please make sure you join The Register

Events – Make sure your Events are communicated on the calendar –

UKPEN.EU/events Contact for more information.

Politics For the Many Working Group – A Trade Union campaign for PR and wider electoral

reform. Introduction from Julie Ward:

Festival of Europe – The Festival was launched on Monday, 18/10/2021 at the National

Liberal Club, Whitehall to demonstrable, positive feedback.

• On publicity side, media strategy in preparation. Byline Times Network is involved. Bigger media push would assist.

• Volunteers required to help small, but dedicated team. Particular skills required

Social-Media and Press & Event organisation.

• Wider publicity required, please, via the Round Table networks.

• Contact:

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